Book Review: The Family Garden Plan

The Family Garden Plan: Grow a Year’s Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food by Melissa K. Norris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished reading The Family Garden Plan and all I can say is thank you! Melissa K. Norris has taken every gardening concept I have ever questioned and put them into easy to understand terms. This book was like walking with a wise friend through her own garden as she shared her tried and true methods with me. Beginning with practical advice, such as where to place the garden and the need to buy more hose the further away from the spigot all the way through to soil amendments and companion planting, The Family Garden Plan is really the only gardening book you will ever need again.

Melissa K. Norris starts with garden planning based on your family’s needs and walks you through seed starting, planting, harvesting, pest control, companion planting and so much more, there was not a page or a chapter that passed without an “AHA” moment. I have been gardening for only 3 years now and each year I have been overwhelmed by contradicting or complicated advice. This book has given me the knowledge to start this year’s garden with the confidence that the harvest will be abundant. I can tell you one thing: this is one book that will not be on my shelf, only because I will be getting too much use out of it to ever put it there.

While the book isn’t due to be released until January 7, 2020, you can pre-order The Family Garden Plan now by going to . You will learn how to grow a year’s worth of food for your family as Melissa guides you through the process and provides you with plans and charts along the way.

And if you pre-order, Melissa is going to provide you with added bonuses as a thank you! When you order today, you will have instant access to the following:

  • Crop Rotation & Companion Planting Videos $29 value
  • Seed Saving 101 Video & e-book Package $29 value
  • Organic Soil Amendment Guide $19 value
  • Early Access to the Planting a Year’s Worth of Food Chart & Worksheets straight from the book $19 value

Trust me, you will never need to buy another book on how to garden again, this book is your one-stop information center for how to do it all. Let me know if you picked up a copy! I would love to hear what you liked best!